Serenity Trace started out as a very young two piece digital hardcore band in 2002, using nothing but a computer and two vocals to create and perform their music. The band toured and recorded for a couple of years until they travelled to different parts of the world to study and explore life. in 2005 they reunited in Oslo and added five more people to the line up and this is when their adventure began.


Serenity Trace is and have always been a riot. Although heavily rooted in metal and hardcore, they base their sound on electronica and classical music while being heavily influenced by urban music and world sounds. Serenity Trace does not sound like anything else! The two vocalists constantly battle and challenge each other while performing lyrics that are critical and challenge society, politics, norms and social behavior without any compromise.


Serenity Trace is known for high energy, engaging and very tight live shows. Over the years they have played with some big names, small names, on some significant festivals and received great reviews in the press. They have performed with folk singers on stage and regardless if they play for 3 people or 3000, you can be sure they will perform to the absolute extent of their abilities.


The current line up is the strongest the band has ever had. The first couple of years saw a shift as some of the original members left the band because of personal matters and other career choices. After returning to Norway they were had seven members but have remained a six-piece for the past five years. Serenity Trace is now a creative force unlike anything else you find in Oslo.


In 2002 they released their first album as a two piece, titled «The Diary Of A Dying society…».

After adding to the line up they recorded and released the EP «2005 Distortion» in 2005.

In 2008 they released their first full length album, titled «7th Revolution»

in 2013 they released their first album on Negative Vibe Records, titled «Jamais Vu»

In 2016 they release «#NewHate» which includes a cover of «Eleanor Rigby» by The Beatles.